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Welcome to the Borough of Zelienople

                         111 West New Castle Street

                    Zelienople, PA  16063

                    724-452-6610 (Phone)

                    724-452-6613 (Fax)


                    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (M-F)


 News & Announcements

CCR Water Report

The 2014 Zelienople Borough Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available!  Paper copies of the report may be obtained at the borough administrative office.

New Traffic Control Devices Installed 6-11-15

The Borough has installed new traffic control devices at the intersections of McKim Street, South Green Lane and West Beaver Street.  The new devices were installed to PennDOT specifications in order to keep traffic in the appropriate lanes of travel.  This arrangement was determined to be the best modification to the intersection to address the complaints associated with vehicles entering and exiting the intersection.

Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) Opening

The Borough of Zelienople is seeking an interested a person to fill the position of ALTERNATE Zelienople Zoning Hearing Board.  This is an unexpired term that ends on June 8, 2016.   

The Zoning Hearing Board is a three-member Board whose function is to hear appeals of the decisions of the Zoning Officer.  The Board has the authority to approve exemptions from certain requirements contained in the Zoning Ordinance by granting a variance.  Although Council appoints this Board, the Board's decisions can be appealed only through the State Courts.  The Zoning Hearing Board meetings are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Municipal Building, provided that there is business to conduct. To be eligible for appointment, you must be a taxpayer in, maintain a business in, or be a citizen of the Borough of Zelienople. All appointments are made by Council Resolution as defined by the PA Municipal Planning Code.  Applications will be accepted until Monday, June 1, 2015.  Anyone wishing to apply for this position should immediately submit a letter of interest or an email to:  Mr. Donald C. Pepe, Borough Manager, Borough of Zelienople, 111 W. New Castle Street, Zelienople, PA 16063 or mgrzelieboro@zoominternet.net.

Brush Pile Pick Up

Brush pile pick up will resume on May 6th.  Please note that only tree limbs (6" diameter or smaller) will be picked up.  NO GARDEN DEBRIS.  Call the Borough Office at (724) 452-6610 to schedule a pick up.     

Electric and Water Rates to Increase

Both of these rate increases are the actual rates increases to the borough that we need to pass along to the consumer.  The rate increases are as follows: • Electric rates are increased by 7.7%, effective with the April 2015 billings. • Water rates are increased by 4%, effective with the April 2015 billings.

In addition, there have been changes in the regulations for providing of utility services in the Borough that are part of Ordinance # 840-15 scheduled for adoption on March 30, 2015. These changes are summarized below as follows: • The delinquency period, prior to termination, will be reduced from 90 days to 60 days. • The winter “no shut-off period” has been modified to December 1st thru March 1st and also provides for the use of load limiting meters. • The elimination of winter “no shut-off periods” for non-residential accounts has been added. • Clarifications of technical requirements for extension(s) of electric service have been included. View Letter

Market Street Bridge Closure

Butler County has closed the Market Street Bridge (the bridge by WBCA) for repairs. We will post more information as it becomes available.

New Skateboard Ordinance Approved

On September 8, 2014, Zelienople Borough Council approved Skateboard Ordinance 836-14Click here to View Ordinance.

Fire Sirens in Zelienople

Ever wonder what those fire horns mean? According to Zelienople Fire Chief Rob Reeb, the Zelienople Fire Siren blows for 3 reasons:  a)  If it blows just once = It's normally a test or some sort of check on the system, unless there is a system failure.  b) If it blows 7 cycles = it's for an Emergency - Fire, Rescue or people in need of assistance.  c) If it blows and keeps blowing = it's a close weather related sighting. 

CCR Water Report

The 2014 Zelienople Borough Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available!  Paper copies of the report may be obtained at the borough administrative office.  


Attaching signs to structures, poles, objects, etc., by means of chains, cords, rope, wire, etc. is prohibited.  Signs placed in violation of this ordinance will result in immediate removal of the sign.   

Sign up for the Receive SwiftReach Notification System

If you haven't done it yet, Zelienople Borough is reminding residents and businesses to sign up for the SwiftReach Notification System.  SwiftReach is an alert notification system used to contact you during urgent or emergency situations with useful information and updates via phone calls, text messages, and email.  To sign up to receive these alerts, please complete the SwiftReach Contact Form.  The Borough's alert system is free; however, standard text messaging rates from your carrier may apply.

"The key to Zelienople's past-Unlock History Today". 

We are spreading the word that Zelienople is a unique historical treasure. Come join us!  For membership information contact our office at (724) 452-9457 or find us online at www.zelienoplehistoricalsociety.com.  You can also stay up-to-date on events and historical acquisitions when you "like" us on Facebook at:                                                    https://www.facebook.com/ZelieHistory.

Reminder of Sign Ordinance

In our effort to not clutter up our 4 corner park area, no signs are to be placed anywhere within the 4 corner park area ( borough property) without first obtaining permission. This is required by Borough Ordinance. Any signs that are placed there can be removed immediately without notice to the owner. Please understand we support our local organizations but this area is not to be used as a place for advertisement whether it be for profit or nonprofit. If any organization  wants to place a sign of some kind please notify the borough office  well before the event being advertised so your request has time to be considered and decided upon. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. 

Zelienople Downtown Revitalization/Improvement Project

The preliminary design for phase I for the Downtown Improvement/Revitalization project is beginning now.  Click here for project information. 

Recyclable Materials

Recyclable materials must be placed in containers provided by the Borough or cut and baled, tied, bundled, stacked, or packaged.  Recyclable materials may include clear glass, colored glass, aluminum steel and bimetallic containers, high-grade office paper, newspapers, corrugated paper, and plastics.  Hard to Recycle Guide

Burning Ordinance

Please be aware that only recreational burning/bonfires and container burning is permitted within the Borough of Zelienople.  All burning may not be more than five (5) feet in diameter and not more than five (5) feet in height and shall not burn longer than three (3) hours.  continue reading.....

Community Park Rules & Regulations

Amendments to the park rules and regulations were approved on July 25, 2011.  Amendments were made to the park hours, amplification and sound systems, tobacco free zone, and to an age 12 and under play zone.  Click here to view the amended resolution.  The final copy of the full rules and regulations which incorporated the changes in resolution #211-11 can be found here:  Rules and Regulations for Park use and Conduct  


Borough Manager's Corner

2015 Budget Message

Open Records

ACT 44

ACT 13

Press Releases

Public Notices/Bid Openings

Park and Pool

Park:  724-452-0231

Pool:  724-452-5208

Parks & Recreation: 


Park Hours:  6 AM to Dusk

Pool Hours:  12pm-8pm

Zelie Park Recreation Guide

2015 Community Park Book

Community Park

Park Event Calendar

Upcoming Events

View Full Event Calendar

Farmers Market & Food Trucks

Zelienople Community Park

Every Monday 4pm - 7pm


Zelienople Zoning & Hearing Board Meeting (meets as needed) Zelienople Municipal Building

6/24/15                           7:30 PM


Zelienople Planning Commission Meeting

Zelienople Municipal Building

6/25/15                           7:00 PM


WWC Connie Q Float & BBQ

6/27/15                         10:00 AM


Zelie Borough Council Workshop

Zelienople Municipal Building

6/29/15                           7:30 PM


Zelie Library Community Heroes Transportation Show

Zelienople Library

6/29/15                           6:00 PM


Get Fit Families Firecracker 5K and 1 Mile

Zelienople Community Park

7/4/15                            8:00 AM


Annual 4th of July Parade

Main Street, Zelienople

7/4/15                           11:00 AM


Derby Duckie Race

Zelienople Pool 7/4/15                            1:50 PM


Fourth of July Fireworks

Zelienople Community Park

7/4/15                           Sundown


Lewis & Clark Circus

Zelienople Community Park

7/5/15            3:00 PM & 5:30 PM


St. Gregory Lawn Fete

St. Gregory's Catholic Church



Zelienople Borough Council Meeting

Zelienople Municipal Building

7/13/15                           7:30 PM


Zelienople Airport Authority Meeting

Zelienople Municipal Building

7/15/15                           7:30 PM


Horse Trading Days

Four Corners Park, Main St Zelie

7/16/15          10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Horse Trading Days

Four Corners Park, Main St Zelie

7/17/15          10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Horse Trading Days

Four Corners Park, Main St Zelie

7/18/15          10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Ultimate Zelie Challenge

Zelienople Community Park

7/19/15                         12:00 PM


Zelienople Zoning & Hearing Board Meeting (meets as needed) Zelienople Municipal Building

7/22/15                           7:30 PM


Zelienople Planning Commission Meeting (meets as needed)

Zelienople Municipal Building

7/23/15                           7:00 PM


Zelie Borough Council Workshop

Zelienople Municipal Building

7/27/15                           7:30 PM


Zelie Borough Council Meeting

Zelienople Municipal Building

8/10/15                           7:30 PM


Zelienople Rotary Club Yard Sale

Zelienople Community Park 8/15/15                           7:00 AM


Zelienople Airport Authority Meeting

Zelienople Municipal Building

8/19/15                           7:30 PM


Annual Grandparents 5K & 1 Mile Walk/Run

8/22/15                           7:30 AM


Zelienople Zoning & Hearing Board Meeting (meets as needed) Zelienople Municipal Building

8/26/15                           7:30 PM


Zelienople Planning Commission Meeting (meets as needed)

Zelienople Municipal Building

8/27/15                           7:00 PM


Zelie Borough Council Workshop

Zelienople Municipal Building

8/31/15                           7:30 PM


View Full Event Calendar

Tell Us About Your Event:  If you have an upcoming event of interest to the community. Let us know and we will add it to our community calendar/website.

Call 724-452-6610 or email your event info


Zelienople 175th

Zelienople Airport

Zelienople PA Revitalization

Friends of the Park

Chamber of Commerce

The Strand Theater Initiative


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