Borough Council

Borough Council



Thomas Oliverio Mayor (724) 452-8685
Allen E. Bayer Council President (724) 452-3119
Andrew (Drew) J. Mathew III Council Vice President (724)452-5798
Mary Hess Council Member (724) 493-7522
Ralph Geis Council Member (724) 452-9520
Marietta Reeb Council Member (724) 452-6471
Gregg Semel Council Member (724) 940-3246
Doug Foyle
Council Member (724) 316-1523

Zelienople voters elect a 7-member Council who serve without pay, each for a 4-year term.  Council members are elected every two years; with three members at one election and four members at the other election.  The Council is responsible for planning for the future, enacting ordinances, establishing local tax rates, approving the budget, and providing an oversight of the current needs of the community.  Council hires a Borough Manager and a Police Chief, who in turn, are responsible for the direction and administration of Borough employees. 

The responsibilities of Council may be viewed by the following functional areas:

  • Municipal Services

  • Advisory Boards & Commissions

  • Taxes, Revenues & Budget

  • Laws & Regulations

Council carries out its responsibilities by organizing into the following Committees that focus on planning, policy making, and oversight in their respective areas:

  • Building & Finance

  • Public Safety including liaison with Police and Fire Depts.

  • Streets, Sidewalks & Storm water Management

  • Water Supply, Processing & Distribution

  • Electricity Source & Distribution

  • Human Resources

The regular Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Council Chambers.  The monthly Workshop meetings of the Council are held the last Monday of each month at 7:30 PM.  

The Zelienople Borough Council Meetings Agenda are available online.  Click here to view the Agenda.

The actions of Council are recorded and can be viewed by clicking on Minutes.