Code Enforcement/Zoning


Codes / Zoning / Building
Borough Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer
Shelly Kaltenbaugh
(724) 452-3002

This department can assist you with questions that relate to the Code of Ordinances including zoning, building regulations, land development and subdivisions The Zoning Officer can help you with the filing of applications for building, sign, and electric permits as well as application to the zoning hearing board and planning commission. You can also obtain the current zoning for your property and the permitted used for that zone. (The current tax maps and zoning maps are available for review in the zoning office.)

Most important, the codes, zoning, and building department can ensure that you are in compliance and advise you of the required permits and associated fees.

For zoning regulations, borough ordinances, and applications, please contact the Code Enforcement / Zoning Officer at (724) 452-3002.

For building codes, plan reviews, and inspections, please call the Building Inspector, Dan Wilkerson at (800) 608-6342 (office) or (412) 292-0396 (cell) or, or Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA) at (800) 580-6342.

Applications and Permits/Applications

Zoning Hearing Application

Zelienople Zoning Ordinance

Zelienople Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

Zelienople Zoning Map