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Zoning Hearing Board Meeting


The Zelienople Zoning Hearing Board will hold a Public Meeting on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, at 7:00 PM, to hear following request for a Variance:


Zelie Capital LLC, property owners of 414 Hazel Street Zelienople, PA, is seeking to allow for subdivision of the existing 4 unit multi-family townhome structure/property located on the lot to create a 4 unit single family townhome community with HOA.  The lot size is 9,164 sq ft (Butler County Parcel 550-S4-A678-0000) and located in the R-3, Urban Residential Zone.  A variance has been requested to create a 4 individual unit, single family townhome community.


The Borough of Zelienople code of ordinances §779-603.5 A, requires that all lots in R-3 Urban Residential District must have (A1) minimum lot area of 6,000sqft.  (A2) minimum lot width shall be 60ft at the building line (A3) minimum front yard depth shall be 25 feet from the front lot line (A4) minimum side lot yard width on each side shall be at least 5ft with both side yards totaling no less than 15ft  (A6) minimum rear yard depth shall be 20ft from the rear lot line.  Maximum lot coverage shall be 40 percent (A8) minimum lot frontage shall be 50 percent (A10) Maximum impervious surface coverage shall be 65%  


Anyone wishing to speak for or against this request for a variance should be present at this meeting.  Written comments shall be accepted no later than forty-eight hours prior to the Hearing, shall be submitted to the Borough Zoning Officer at that office in the Borough Building and will then be made a part of the record at the Hearing.


The meeting will be held in Council Chambers located at 111 West New Castle Street, Zelienople, PA 16063. Should you require any special accommodation to attend this meeting, please contact the Zelienople Borough Office by May 23, at 724-452-6610.

Jason Sarver
Zoning Officer
Borough of Zelienople