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To all our Zelienople Family

To all our Zelienople Family

As the saying goes, it really does take a whole village to make a good life. That is exactly what happened  here in Zelie over the 4th of July holiday. I certainly cannot mention everyone by name who had a hand in the 4th of July events this past weekend because there were so many people that contributed to this  holiday celebration, I fear I would accidently leave someone out.

I just want to say that all the folks who  worked on the many events need a heartfelt thank you from all of us. The volunteers, the borough staff, Police, Fire and EMS, the business association, the Rotary, the historical Society, and of course the American Legion to name just a sample, all made this event something very special. It was spectacular July 4th holiday.

I know that the usual past events at the park after the parade were not able to happen this year and some were surprised, who did not see our notice, and I certainly understand their disappointment. This was the case for for two important reasons.

First as the borough took over park operations in early January and had much to do to open the pool , make significant repairs, and fully staff to serve our community, there just was not enough time to plan for post parade events and gather volunteers to assist. These last six months have been a blur.

Second, staffing the pool has been a challenge in the whole region and  here as well, especially during this holiday and we deemed it necessary to not open and to allow staff to be with their families. We felt this was better than having an unsafe pool experience for our patrons with limited staff on site.

The good thing is we are already planning for next year to continue the tradition of having the park open for family fun on July 4th. And there are some great ideas that we will pursue. We will be also asking for volunteers to assist us to make it a great day.

I am proud of our people and of our community. Zelie is a special place, and this weekend certainly shows how truly wonderful we are.

Thank you all for a great July 4th weekend. You are amazing people, and I am honored to serve with you.

God bless America. And may God bless each one of you as well.

Don Pepe
Borough Manager