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Zelienople Community eGift Card Program


October 30, 2020

Borough Council Introduces Zelienople

Shop Local Community eGift Card Program

Uniting Companies, Consumers & Local Merchants to Grow Business in Our Community

The Zelienople Borough Council is excited to introduce a one-time Zelienople Community eGift Card to assist our businesses and residents during these very difficult times. Borough citizens, including our utility customers, are being given these cards to be used within the borough with the goal that the dollars stay local and benefit our shops and restaurants of our Community.

The Zelienople Borough council realizes that times have been difficult for so many people and we wish to assist our citizens/customers and business community by providing an economic stimulus for our people.  It’s a simple way for people and companies to “give back” and drive more business into our local stores.  The cards are digital gift cards purchased from Yiftee and are custom-branded for us.  They are a quick and easy way to keep spending local, strengthening our local businesses and building our community.

People will be given a $50.00 electronic card for them for use in our local restaurants and retailers to help spur the local economy.   The cards are expected to be delivered during the first week of November to allow for their use during the holiday season and will expire on May 31, 2021.  The Cards only work at participating merchants, i.e. those who have voluntarily opted-in to the program.  The Zelienople Borough businesses were contacted and asked if they wanted to participate in the program.   You can view the full list of those businesses who have asked to participate in the community gift card program on the Zelienople Borough website at  More and more businesses are contacting us asking to opt into the program every day.  To view the most current list of participating merchants, please visit: For more information, please contact the Zelienople Borough Administrative Office at (724) 452-6610.  

The Zelienople eGift Card has many of your favorite retailers, restaurants, services, and entertainment in one place.  Use the Zelienople Community gift card at all participating locations in town – there is truly something for everyone!

This gift card can be redeemed at the merchant locations listed here.