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The following offers information that is not ordinarily provided in the media.  It  describes concerns, events and particular news that have an impact on the Zelienople community.  Following is a Table of Contents; click on any item for more information.  Subsequent pages contain many links to other pages on the Internet; the viewer will have to click the BACK button on their browser to return to the Zelienople Home Page.
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  • Neal Jackson Named 2022 Volunteer of the Year
    document _recordid 817
  • Completion of Linden Street Stormwater Protection Project
    document _recordid 734
  • Jen Semel Named 2021 Volunteer of the Year
    document _recordid 720
  • 2020 Volunteer of the Year
    document _recordid 621
  • Public Hearing Notice
    document _recordid 606
  • Press Release - Miracle on Main Event
    document _recordid 538
  • Press Release - County Leaders Urge Residents to Stop the Spread of COVID
    document _recordid 532
  • 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient
    document _recordid 526
  • Borough Building Reopening Plan
    document _recordid 513
  • Press Release - Utility Disconnects and Penalties
    document _recordid 512
    Utility Disconnects & Penalties Resume
  • Community Event Cancellations Press Release
    document _recordid 457
  • COVID-19 Press Release
    document _recordid 431
  • 2020 Adopted Operating Budget
    document _recordid 409


  • Zelienople-Harmony-Joint Comprehensive Plan.pdf
    document _recordid 174
  • Zelienople-Harmony - Executive Summary.pdf
    document _recordid 169