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Public Notices

Bid Notice:  Public notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the Borough of Zelienople for the 2014 Paving Program until 12:00 PM on Monday, May 5, 2014.  All bids will be opened at 1:00 PM on the same date by the Borough Manager, or designated representative, at the Zelienople Municipal Building located at 111 W New Castle St., Zelienople, PA  16063.


Copies of the plans and specifications for this Contract may be obtained at the Zelienople Borough Office located at 111 W New Castle St., Zelienople, PA  16063.


A general scope of work for this bid is as follows:


Item 1      Approx.  10,182   S.Y.   Milling of Bituminous

Item 2      Approx.        916  Ton   Superpave Wearing Course, 9.5 mm


Liquidated damages will apply at the rate of $ 870.00 per calendar day past the noted completion date.  Proposals must be upon the forms furnished by the Municipality.  A certified check, payable to the Borough of Zelienople, or a bid bond on the form executed  by the Bidder and a surety company approved by the Owner, in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the bid, shall be submitted with each bid, to guarantee the bidder’s entrance into a contract if given the award.  No bid may be withdrawn for ninety (90) calendar days after the bid opening.  A performance bond or certified check for 100% of the contract amount, and all necessary insurance requirements and public works employment verification form shall be furnished by the successful bidder within 20 days after the contract is awarded.


All bids submitted must be sealed and have the words “2014 Zelienople Paving Project “ marked on the outside of the envelope.


The Borough of Zelienople reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informalities in the bidding process.



Special Meeting:  The Zelienople Borough Council will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Zelienople Municipal Building located at 111 W. New Castle Street, Zelienople, PA  16063. The purpose of the Special Meeting is for a strategic planning session of the Borough Council and to address any other matters that may come before the Borough Council.  Should you wish to attend this meeting and you require special accommodations please contact the Zelienople Borough Office (724-452-6610) at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

Rate Increase for Water and Electric:  From time to time it is necessary to increase rates for both water and electric and believe me we are sensitive to the needs of our customers so it is not easy for us to do so. However, the fact is we have no choice but to increase rates in small amounts in order to keep up with our costs in providing both utilities because of the increased costs to us. Otherwise, the ability to provide these would be in jeopardy and we run the risk of an enormous increase at one time if we do not do so in increments each year.  In 2014 water costs to the borough has increased 4% from our supplier and we will need to pass it on in total. On the other hand the increase for electric purchase will increase 5% in 2014 but due to cost cutting measures we feel that passing on only 2.5% of that increase can be done to save customers from this additional burden.  I cannot estimate the average actual dollar amount increase for you since it depends on your individual usage but you can easily estimate what these rate increases will mean to you by simply taking your current charge over the last year and increase by the percentage (%) for each. Also it is important to note that our electric rate is not a variable one that you have so often heard about in other locations this winter. Your rate is fixed through the year and will not vary according to increased usage or additional costs due to a hard winter or a hot summer.  The rate will go into effect in April and will be reflected in the May billing cycle. We waited because we knew the cost of energy was already high this winter due to its severity so we did not want to pass along a rate increase during this volatile time.  We thank you for understanding and hope that it does not present a hardship to you. Remember that the utilities are used in our Borough to operate our government in place of an increased property tax burden, in this way it more fairly spreads the cost of operations and services.

Availability of Proposed Budget:  Notice is hereby given that the 2014 Proposed Budget for the Borough of Zelienople is available for public inspection during normal business hours (Mon. – Fri.  8 AM -5PM, holidays excluded), at the Zelienople Municipal Office located at 111 W New Castle St., Zelienople,  PA  16063.  A copy will also be available for review at the Zelienople Area Public Library, 227 S High St., Zelienople PA 16063 during their regular operating hours.

Borough Considering Proposed Ordinance to Eliminate Utility Deposits: The Borough of Zelienople recently considered raising the deposit amounts on the utility accounts because it is only $10 per utility and has been since the late 1950’s. Circumstances require that it be raised.  There was an open meeting to discuss this issue and how to also reduce the nonpayment of bills for renters that are less than diligent on paying of their account bills. There was much discussion and suggestions from the public at this meeting which was certainly taken into account by the council and staff. This was what we had wanted in calling for the meeting.


Two important things have occurred since that meeting. The first is that staff is able to provide account status information to property owners concerning their renters and all that is needed is to request that information from staff. A simple request for information form is needed for the properties that you need to have the information on. Many property owners have taken advantage of this information these last two months.  Also, the ordinance was reworked to try and better fit the circumstances for the borough and for the property owner. The attached proposed ordinance #829-13 is for your information. Please read it and give us your comments in writing. It is expected that this ordinance will be addressed by Council at their April 29, 2013 council meeting to give you enough time to absorb the ordinance language and provide any input. There will be a time allowed at that meeting for both verbal and written public input.  I encourage you to review the document and provide constructive comments as soon as possible.  Thank you for your assistance. Click here to view the actual ordinance. (posted 3/27/13)



  Updated:  04/14/2014