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WBCA Board Member Needed (Volunteer Position)

WBCA (Western Butler County Authority) Board Member (Volunteer Position)


The Borough of Zelienople is looking to fill a volunteer Board Member position on the Western Butler County Authority (WBCA) Board which is the regional Sewer Authority.  The WBCA Board meets monthly.  The Borough has two appointed positions on this board and is seeking to fill an unexpired term for one of those positions. The normal term is a 5 year term.  This new appointment’s term would begin immediately and last until 12/31/2022. The person can then be considered for reappointment to another term.


The position calls for the person to provide his or her expertise on behalf of the Borough regarding Wastewater/Sewage Treatment matters in the region.


The Individual must be a taxpayer/citizen of the Borough or maintain a business within the municipality.


Please send a letter of interest and a resume or background letter to:

Donald Pepe, Borough Manager

Borough of Zelienople

111 W New Castle St

Zelienople,  PA  16063


Or email information to:


Letters of interest accepted until position is filled.