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Press Release 11/12/20

County Leaders Urge Residents to Act Now to Stop the Spread of COVID

A Press Release was issued by Butler County Commissioners on November 12, 2020 urging residents to act now to slow the spread of coronavirus to protect residents and institutions and to keep Butler County open.  Zelienople Borough express in support of the following: 

  1. We encourage our residents to voluntarily take steps to stop the spread of the virus through basic measures such as hand washing, wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and staying home when they are feeling ill.
  2. We ask our residents to avoid all non-essential activities that put themselves and their friends, family and co-workers at risk. Including the avoidance of all non-essential public gatherings, either indoor or outdoor.
  3. Municipal Officials are directed to work collaboratively with the Butler County Board of Commissioners in their efforts to communicate with the residents and businesses.

Working collaboratively, we as a community can significantly inhibit the spread of this virus and help our schools and businesses to remain as open as possible and allow our health care facilities to continue to effectively provide the level of services our communities need at all times.  Being collaborative in our approach as a community we can begin to see a decrease in active cases that could have a severe impact upon our families, friends and co-workers as well as the community at large, versus doing nothing and letting the virus spread unchecked. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Zelienople Borough Administrative Office at (724) 452-6610.