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Community  Sign


The Zelienople Rotary Club built and dedicated the Community Sign in 1999 that is located on the northeast corner of Main St. and Grandview Ave.  The Borough of Zelienople in accepting this gift to the community empowered the Rotary Club to manage, maintain and schedule its use.


Accordingly, the following rules have been established and the form below may be used to apply for its use.



Rules for the Community Sign

1.  All signs shall be of plywood construction with the following dimensions: 48" X 96" X .5".  No fasteners are required.  The sign will install similar to a storm window.

2.  Sign shall be hung for ten (10) days, beginning Thursday morning.

3.  In all matters involving the administration of the sign, the decision of the Community Sign Committee (CSC) of the Rotary Club shall be binding on all persons.

4.  The Rotary Club shall have no responsibility for the care and/or maintenance of the Sign.  In the event a sign is not removed at the end of the listing, the CSC shall remove it at a cost of $35 and store same without liability.  The applicant shall be responsible for the payment of a storage charge.

5.  Applications must be received not less than two (2) weeks before requested listing.

6.  Send application to: Zelienople Rotary Club - Community Sign; P.O. Box 245; Zelienople, PA.  For additional information, call (724) 452-6313.

Reminder:  Most of the activities advertised on the Community Sign are eligible for free inclusion on the Zelienople Borough Home Page - Calendar.  Call (724) 452-6610.

Application For Use Of The Community Sign