The Borough of Zelienople does hereby provide exemption from the Per Capita Tax

for the following individuals: (as set forth in Ordinance #695)


Any individual under the age of eighteen (18) years

Any individual with an annual income of five thousand dollars ($5000) or less. 

In determining annual income, for exoneration purposes, the taxpayer will be permitted

to deduct all medical expenses in excess of ten (10) percent of actual income. 

Legal opinions since the Ordinance was enacted define "income" to include interest, annuities and pensions.


1.  The  form must be completed and filed the year an exoneration is requested.

2.  A separate form must be completed for each taxpayer --- no joint filings.

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3.  Return the completed form to:

Zelienople Borough Office.
111 W New Castle St
Zelienople,  PA  16063