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Conditional Use Application


Name of Applicant:___________________________ Phone:__________________

Address:____________________________________ Fax:____________________

City:_______________State:_____Zip:___________ E-mail:_________________

Name of Property Owner:______________________ Phone:__________________

Address:____________________________________ Fax:_____________________

City:_______________State:_____Zip:___________ E-mail:__________________

* If applicant is not the property owner, written authorization to act on the owner’s behalf

must accompany this application.

Please cite applicable section (s) of Zoning Ordinance for Conditional Use being requested;



Property Identification:_______________________________________________________

Property Description:________________________________________________________

Current Use:________________________________________________________________

Proposed Use:_______________________________________________________________

Current Improvements:_______________________________________________________

Proposed Changes:___________________________________________________________

Zoning District:_________________ ___ Map / Parcel #:____________________

* Any additional information or support materials must be submitted with application.

( survey, sketch, plot plan, pictures, building plans, etc.)

Applicant Signature:__________________________ Date:_____________________

Office Use Only

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Zelienople Borough

“Conditional Use Guidelines”



1. Conditional Use Application and additional support materials are to be completed by the applicant and submitted to the Zoning officer no less than twenty-one (21) business days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Borough Planning Commission.


2. Planning Commission meetings are scheduled on the fourth (4th) Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Zelienople Borough Municipal Building located at 111 West New Castle Street, Zelienople, PA. 16063.


3. Conditional Use request must be in compliance with the appropriate sections of the Zelienople Borough Zoning Ordinance, as amended (9-24-07), #779. Please refer to section 1002, “Conditional Use Application Requirements”,  #1 thru 6, page’s 79 and 80. {Copies of the Zoning Ordinance are available for review or purchase at the Municipal Building and also by review at the Zelienople Public Library}.


4. Applicants must submit with the application a detailed narrative describing exactly what is being proposed and what action is being requested by the Planning Commission and Borough Council.


5. Applicants must submit eight (8) complete set’s of the application, support materials, and plans / drawings to the Zoning Officer for distribution to the Borough Engineer, Planning Commission, Zoning Officer, and Borough Office.


6. After compliance with filing procedures, the Conditional Use Application will be placed on the agenda of the Planning Commission and reviewed by the Borough Engineer for recommendations prior to the meeting.


7. The Planning Commission will review the Conditional Use Application in the presence of the applicant and make recommendation of approval or denial to the Borough Council.


8. Applicant must be present at the scheduled meeting of the Borough Council for review and action to be taken of the Conditional Use Application. Additional conditions and safeguards may be deemed necessary before the Conditional Use request is permitted.


Note: the applicant will pay any fees incurred by the Borough of Zelienople in review of application.




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